Cam Newton Says Panthers Broke Up With Him Via Text Message


Cam Newton won an MVP and led the Carolina Panthers to a Super Bowl appearance in his nine years with the franchise, but when it came time for the Panthers to part ways with their quarterback, they informed him over a text message.

Newton revealed these details of his break-up with the Panthers during a round-table discussion with Odell Beckham Jr., Todd Gurley and Victor Cruz that aired on Beckham’s YouTube channel.

The current New England Patriots quarterback was telling the story when he matter-of-factly mentioned that they sent the text, prompting Cruz to ask Newton to elaborate.

“Nobody called me … Bro, it was a text sent. I was like, ‘What?’ And then [my agent] called me and was like, ‘Yeah, I told them don’t just do that. We’re going to have to agree to which team you’re going to be traded to.’

“I said, this whole time the owner couldn’t call me? The GM couldn’t call me? They called me after the fact. Basically, they called me with the decision already made. It was in the book.”

Newton said he did not raise an issue with how the team handled the situation, but he could not help but feel slighted.

“In the back of my mind, I’m like, ‘Y’all got some nerve, bro. I’m a warrior, bro.’ You know what I’m saying? I take everything at heart. I’m the type of dude who get off the bus mad. It’s raining outside. Y’all tried me,” he said. “So, let alone, I gave this whole city, this whole franchise, I gave the coaches everything. My mind, my body, my soul, my heart. And this how y’all treat me?

“I said it in an interview before that I never once wanted to leave. Y’all pushed me out. Because y’all didn’t believe in me. They said he’s not healthy yet? Get rid of him.”

(Newton talks text message at 46-minute mark)

The Panthers could not find a trade partner for Newton, who is coming off foot surgery, and instead released him.

Newton, 31, lingered in free agency for a while before the Patriots came in and signed the former MVP to a one-year, incentive-laden deal to replace Tom Brady in late June.

Now, Newton feels blessed to be in his new home.

“Now, I go into a situation where I get coached by arguably the best coach…

“Ever,” Cruz finished for Newton.

“Now, it’s like if we were playing spades,” Newton said. “Bro, you give me your hand, and you get my hand and let’s see what you do with it.”

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