Cam Newton shares his favorite Thanksgiving dish

By , WEEI 93.7

Cam Newton revealed Monday on The Greg Hill Show that is family is coming to town for the Thanksgiving holiday.

So, what will he be having -- Newton was asked Wednesday what his favorite Thanksgiving dish is?

"I’m a dessert guy," he said. "So, you know, whatever [Mom] whips up. Red rice is always good; you know what I’m saying? Something that’s a family signature dish. We have collared greens. But obviously these are catered to the veganism that I eat. So yeah, those.”

Newton shared more on his Thanksgiving food on The Greg Hill Show this week.

“There will be some alternative meals,” he said. “Everything that you probably have for your Thanksgiving I can still probably have outside of like turkey. ... You got stuffing. You’ve got collard greens. My family is kind of Geechie when it comes to having rice with everything. My family does a nice red rice with sausage. You can transfer that with either Beyond or Impossible Meat (instead of sausage), mac and cheese, found a way to do that too.”

The Patriots are preparing to host the Cardinals on Sunday.