Bombshell report on Eagles' failed 2020 season paints Carson Wentz in negative light

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Another offseason has begun, and another detailed report about the issues the Eagles are having with quarterback Carson Wentz behind the scenes at the NovaCare Complex has emerged.

In an incredibly detailed report by The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane, which you can and should read here, a picture is painted of Wentz as being at times unwilling to listen to his coaches, not accepting responsibility for his mistakes, and of purposely changing plays at the line of scrimmage to the point where some felt he was “going rouge.”

Some of the more interesting details, according to McLane:

Pederson would call a play only for his quarterback to occasionally kill it for no other reason than his personal distaste, sources said. It became “a pissing match” between the two, one of the sources said.


In the quarterback room, when his errors were pointed out, Wentz would sometimes make irrelevant excuses and Taylor wouldn’t correct him. For instance, there would be a play when he didn’t throw to an open receiver. The read was drawn up as designed, the coverage played out as expected, and he would be asked why he didn’t pull the trigger. And Wentz would say the look wasn’t there, or he would overemphasize the pass rush, and when it was suggested the play be run again in practice as to get it right, he would object.

Also in the report? One member of the offensive line went to management and asked for Wentz to be benched because of how poorly he was making the offensive line look. In addition, Wentz apparently went to both Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman after he was benched to “voice his frustration.”

This is the second time in Wentz’s career an explosive article like this has been written about the quarterback, with a lot of the same themes in this one — hard to coach, not willing to accept blame — that were in the 201 Philly Voice article by Joe Santoliquito.

In 2019, there was no question about what the Eagles would do with Wentz. He was their franchise quarterback.

Now, that isn’t as clear. Neither Jeffrey Lurie or Howie Roseman has committed to Wentz as the starting quarterback in 2021. Wentz reportedly wants out of Philadelphia, although the firing of Doug Pederson could have changed that. There is also the possibility the Eagles decide to give Jalen Hurts a chance to win the job.

Either way, the situation is clearly an ugly one right now. Perhaps things could change for the better and Wentz could turn it around with the Eagles next season.

Overall, however, it isn’t great that these kind of reports continue to emerge about Wentz — and you have to wonder if the Eagles really want to try to make things work, or if a breakup is indeed better for both sides.

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