Charles Barkley lost $100,000 after Patriots comeback against Falcons in Super Bowl LI


When you win $100,000, it's hard not to tell every single person you know about your good fortune as quickly as humanly possible. When you lose that amount, though, it's probably something you're going to keep under wraps for a long time, if not forever.

It took Charles Barkley more than three years to disclose his $100,000 loss that occurred after one of the most infamous NFL games in history: 28-3 ring a bell?

In an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, the NBA Hall of Famer shared just how heavy the damage was when he watched the Falcons blow their 25-point lead as the Patriots stormed back and won the game.

"The only time I've lost in the last three or four years was those Atlanta Falcons," Barkley said, making a choking gesture. "The Atlanta Falcons -- what they've done in the Super Bowl and what they did against the Cowboys are two of the biggest choke jobs in the history of civilization."

Patrick then asked Barkley how much he wagered on the event.

"I bet $100,000 on them," Barkley said, "... I was drunk at halftime, I was doing shots. I was up 28-3. I was feeling it."

It was at that point that a friend told him that the Falcons were slowly but surely giving up their lead, and by the time Brady got the ball at the end of the game with a chance to win the game in overtime?

"You knew it was over," Barkley said.

$100,000 certainly isn't an easy thing to watch slip from your fingers. But for anyone who knows Charles Barkley and his well-documented struggles with gambling, you'll know that six figures is relatively light fare. After all, he told ESPN in 2006 that he had lost eight figures from his gambling habits over the years, and he's shed some more light onto just how much it might have been.

"I went to Vegas a bunch of times and won a million dollars in a weekend," Barkley said on The Seth Davis Show in 2015. "I did, probably 10 times. But I've went to Vegas and lost a million probably three times that much."

You know who he probably isn't going to wager a million dollars, or 100,000, or perhaps any money on at all on anymore? The Atlanta Falcons, who sit at 0-4 and have blown a 20-point lead and a 16-point lead already in 2020. We can't say we would blame him.

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