Chris Long trolls Mark Ingram by posing as United Airlines on Twitter


As an NFL defensive end, Chris Long always went the extra mile, a trait he now applies to trolling players on social media. Texans running back Mark Ingram took to Twitter to voice his frustration after United Airlines lost his luggage, containing clothes he had picked out for a number of planned appearances. It’s a valid complaint, though he didn’t get much sympathy from Long, who told the three-time Pro Bowler to stop whining and buy a new wardrobe.

That dismissive remark probably would have sufficed, but Long didn’t stop there, changing his profile name to United Airlines and even using their logo for his avatar. Ingram didn’t fall for it, but others did, expressing their amazement that a social media account associated with one of the world’s largest commercial airlines would be this rude, especially to a high-profile athlete like Ingram. Telling a former Heisman Trophy winner to get lost would be a new low for the customer service industry, but alas, it was just an extremely well-thought-out prank.

The real United Airlines did eventually reach out, asking for Ingram’s tag number. The former Saints and Ravens workhorse said he usually books Delta (who once framed John Mulaney for murder), but apparently they didn’t have any direct flights to where he was headed. Hopefully, Ingram’s bag mishap was just a minor inconvenience on an otherwise pleasant trip. And props to the diabolical Long for pulling the wool over all our eyes.

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