Of course Colin Cowherd had thoughts on Baker Mayfield’s UFO sighting


We aren’t guaranteed much in this life of ours. Just death, taxes and Colin Cowherd yelling at Baker Mayfield to get off his lawn.

If you’ve visited his Twitter page at all in the past 24 hours, you’ll know Mayfield is convinced he saw a UFO, insisting he and his wife Emily witnessed a mysterious “ball of light” appear over Lake Travis on their drive home from dinner Wednesday night. Many were skeptical of this claim (a photo would have helped his case) including longtime nemesis Colin Cowherd, who has never in his life missed an opportunity to dunk on Mayfield.

Cowherd’s beef with Mayfield began when the quarterback visited his show in 2018. The longtime Fox Sports host was quick to scold Mayfield, wagging a finger at the former Heisman winner for celebrating his touchdowns. Mayfield issued an emphatic response, criticizing Cowherd for choosing a clip that supported his own preconceived notions. In the years since, Cowherd has leaned into his feud with Mayfield, continually harping on the 25-year-old’s faults while rarely acknowledging his successes.

Cowherd struck a lighthearted tone with Thursday’s mockery of Mayfield, saying in jest that he’d prefer a quarterback who doesn’t hold strong views on extraterrestrial life (that would safely rule out Aaron Rodgers, who has spoken at length about his experiences with UFOs). Reigning Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, who was mentioned by name in Cowherd’s monologue, chimed in on the subject, suggesting he may or may not have had an alien encounter in his past.

Regardless of where your allegiance lies in the ongoing Cowherd/Mayfield rivalry, it’s good to see Cowherd back on the air after being hospitalized for a blood clot last month.

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