Cris Collinsworth says he didn't want NBC to hire his son initially


He warmed up to the idea, but initially, Cris Collinsworth wasn't a fan of the idea of being co-workers with his son, Jac.

Collinsworth recently appeared on Adam Schefter's podcast, and said that when the network first began to consider trying to hire Jac away from ESPN, he wasn't keen on it.

"I'm gonna be really, really, really honest with you here, I didn't want him to leave ESPN," Collinsworth admitted. "[NBC executive] Sam Flood came to me at the Hall of Fame Game at the beginning of the year, and he said 'I just want you to know that I'm gonna make a run at Jac.' And I said 'Ugh, don't do that.' I go 'He's doing great...he's on ESPN...he's doing all these shows...they really like him...and it's outside, so he's not going to hear that I'm his dad. Don't, don't, don't.' He goes 'I'm telling you, I've watched all the young talent out there right now and we need to start rebuilding our talent pool on the young side, and he's like the best I've seen. I've got a couple other guys that I'm gonna hire too, but I want him.' And, I really tried to talk him out of doing it. And I tried to talk Jac out of doing it.

"But, they made the decision, and they through him into the deep end of the pool. I'll tell you, that postgame show by yourself...where you're critiquing what happened in the game...and you're giving quick updates on watch this show and watch that show...and going to Michelle [Tafoya] for the interview and back...I mean, it's just you and America. It's like being Walter Cronkite or something. God love him, he's kinda crushed it, so I'm happy for him.'"

Jac, who is 24, is now part of the Sunday Night Football postgame show, while hosting a podcast with Rodney Harrison and working on the network's coverage of Notre Dame (the college he attended) Football. With a meteoric rise, the younger Collinsworth will likely be a part of primetime football coverage for decades to come.

His father, Cris, succeeded John Madden as the color commentator to Al Michaels on Sunday Night Football in 2009. It will be interesting to see what Cris' future is at the network. Michaels, a broadcasting icon, could retire after NBC broadcasts Super Bowl LVI next year. There's also the looming presence of Drew Brees, with some belief he could eventually replace Collinsworth in the NBC booth.

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