'Dark Side of Football' series to feature episodes on Bill Belichick, the Browns and more: report

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As much as we love our beloved game of football and consume it in every way imaginable — through various streams, NFL RedZone, fantasy football, sports betting, Madden and more — it wouldn't be right to proclaim it as perfect. Like most things in this world, other than puppies and chocolate, football has a dark side. And considering I'm allergic to dogs and chocolate... I guess even those have a dark side as well.

Football's controversial issues will be surfaced through a new Vice docuseries, appropriately titled "Dark Side of Football." Vice is also behind the "Dark Side of the Ring" series, which covered controversial wrestling subjects including the Montreal Screwjob and Chris Benoit. In six episodes of season one, the football counterpart will touch on a number of important topics, and Tony Maglio of The Wrap had the rundown for us. The subjects of the episodes, in no particular order, are as follows:

— Bill Belichick
— How the Oakland Raiders' reputation came to be
— The league's problem with painkillers and the "play with the pain" unwritten rule
— Violence among fans
— Diva wide receivers
— The Cleveland Browns

The episode about wide receivers, with a special focus on Chad Johnson, has already been released in full on YouTube.

And it's not just about Chad Johnson and these other topics/figures. The series actually includes input from the people involved through interviews, including Johnson, Plaxico Burress, Donte Stallworth, Mike Ditka, Ricky Williams and several others, according to Maglio. Here's the full trailer for the series, and be ready for NSFW language.

“The ‘Dark Side’ franchise explores the underbellies of worlds many prefer left in the shadows and ‘Dark Side of Football’ is a show made out of love for the sport by a network known for its no holds barred approach to storytelling,” executive vice president and general manager of Vice TV Morgan Hertzan said in a statement (via Michael Quirk of Barrett Sports Media).

New episodes air Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET on Vice TV.

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