Tom Brady's apparent political flip-flop is nothing to celebrate

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Tom Brady has apparently changed teams.

Yes, Brady is still on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — but he seems to have signaled his alignment with the blue team in America’s ongoing cold civil war.

Or at least that’s what Brady, the White House, and a doting liberal media would have you believe.

This coming on the heels of Brady’s latest goofy public appearance, this time at the White House on Tuesday, where he took some jabs at his old pal President Trump, including over claims of a stolen election, during the customary hosting of the reigning Super Bowl champions.

Well, the White House visit used to be customary -- that is, until Trump arrived on the political scene.

Brady himself has twice passed on the event, once each under Presidents Obama and Trump.

In the former case, it was reported that Brady was sore at Obama spokesman Josh Earnest for making a crack about the Deflategate scandal. In the latter, some suspected Brady ducked out amid scrutiny over his relationship with Trump, whose campaign hat he famously once had on display in his locker at Gillette Stadium.

Brady’s apparent support for Trump — he remarked early in the 2016 campaign that it would be cool if Trump were elected, and declined to refute Trump's claims that they were buddies — quickly became untenable, so he clammed up on the matter. But the issue never really went away.

The debate was renewed with ferocity earlier this year when a USA Today columnist said Brady had gotten an undeserved pass on his apparent enthusiasm for making America great again, marking the height of white privilege enjoyed by fair-haired boys like Touchdown Tom while others, like Colin Kaepernick, faced serious consequences for more principled stances.

The difference is systemic, literally.

The vaunted Patriots Way is little more than a euphemism for the Uberization of a professional football team — a completely joyless organization where players are disposable and lunch breaks are discouraged, according to one veteran who had a short-lived stint in New England.

Similar stories from disgruntled ex-Pats depict Foxboro as a factory-style capitalist utopia, where the help is cheap and abundant, and the boss man’s rules are the only rules. You know the kind of workplace -- "this is a business, not a democracy."

Indeed the Patriots’ former three-headed monster of owner Robert Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick and the star QB, Brady, all marked themselves as fascists in expressing some form of support, admiration or friendship with Trump.

Tuesday’s charade, of which President Biden seemed to be a willing participant, was about Brady rehabilitating his image and keeping his brand in good standing. Like Trump before him, Brady will support whoever can advance his interests at any given moment, and, right now, that’s Team Blue.

Biden, for his part, seemed all too eager to be the straight man to Brady’s routine. Rather than at least soft-check Brady with a well-timed comedic crack, he sheepishly responded to the seven-time Super Bowl winner like a fan seeking an autograph.

The liberal media was mostly HERE FOR IT, as the Democrats seemed to poach another celebrity endorsement. Great job.

In welcoming Brady to #TheResistance, Biden and the Democrats were merely playing their institutional role in US politics, which is to accommodate and sanitize American society’s most reactionary forces, whose class interests they share -- all while trying to stifle social opposition coming from below.

Biden has expressed this sentiment clearly and consistently throughout the first six months of his presidency, yearning for a “principled and strong" Republican party, and pleading for bipartisan unity with many of the same far-right Republican lawmakers who abetted Trump’s attempted coup. Obama expressed similar nonsense soon after Trump won the 2016 election, claiming “We’re all on the same team.”

The rioters who stormed the US Capitol on Jan. 6 would beg to differ about which “team” they’re on, as would Trump, who still refuses to accept the election results as he seeks to further delegitimize Biden and American democracy itself, which was on life support long before Trump.

Biden, Brady, Kraft, Obama and Trump — they want us to think they’re on the red or blue team. But really they belong to one faction or another of Team Green.

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