Eagles' DeSean Jackson Wants Players Mic'd Up for NFL Games Without Fans


NFL stadiums may be empty this season, but DeSean Jackson has an idea on how to fill the void.

The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver suggested the league start “mic’ing everybody up” so fans can hear what happens on the football field, he said in teammate Lane Johnson’s YouTube show “Outside the Lane.”

“Yeah, it’s gonna get crazy. I think they should, though,” he said. “They should give the fans the inside to really see what goes on between the white lines. It gets crazy, bro. I know in the trenches it gets crazy, and I know out there on the outside it gets crazy too with the conversations we going back and forth on.”

The subject of playing in an empty stadium has been brought up by a few players, with Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins even saying it would be “refreshing” before walking back those comments.

There are even some whispers of teams piping in fake crowd noise.

The recent TNT broadcast of “The Match,” which featured Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson going up against Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in a round of golf had rave reviews as they were mic’d up.

Yet, that was for charity and a friendly golf match, the language in a competitive regular season football game may not be suitable for cable television.

No matter the case, Jackson cannot recall a time when he ever played in an empty stadium.

“I definitely can’t recall playing [in one],” he said. “…Even in Pop Warner, I used took in the stands have fans, so it’s going to be a culture shock. … I think, at the end of the day, we’re all professionals and we’ll all adapt to [having no fans]. It’ll definitely be weird at first, but hopefully they can figure out an [alternative] to that. I think a lot of teams and players feed off the energy.”

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