FanDuel players are heated over Sunday’s site-wide scoring outage


The wait continues for daily fantasy players on FanDuel, who are still waiting on the results of Sunday’s contests. NFL Sundays bring millions of users to FanDuel during football season and Week 5 was no exception. DFS players are accustomed to checking their computers and smartphones for live updates throughout the day, though that wasn’t the case this week with FanDuel displaying zeros across the board. What appeared to be a temporary hiccup quickly escalated into site-wide catastrophe with FanDuel players still waiting on a fix 24 hours later.

FanDuel has attributed the setback to a “major service disruption” from their stat provider, a complication that has delayed payouts and contest results indefinitely. As you’d expect, FanDuel players were none too thrilled with this development, expressing their tangible angst on social media.

While impatient FanDuel players are free to tabulate their scores the old-fashioned way, unfortunately, dusting off your old Texas Instruments calculator won’t put the money in your account any faster. Perhaps cooler heads will prevail once FanDuel corrects its ongoing scoring glitch, but many frustrated users have threatened to take their business to DraftKings, FD’s primary competitor in the DFS industry.

Though the rhetoric surrounding Sunday’s disaster was largely negative, a pocket of the DFS population felt nostalgia instead, harkening back to a simpler time when FanDuel players had to sweat it out on Monday nights.

In acknowledgement of Sunday’s inconvenience, FanDuel customer support has pledged to credit players 50 percent of their losses up to $100. FanDuel is also offering free vouchers to next week’s Sunday Million, the site’s flagship NFL GPP (guaranteed prize pool), as a peace offering to anyone impacted by Sunday’s chaos.

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