Fantasy football: Championship Week waiver wire, streamers and starts


The holiday season is upon us and I’m happy to report all my gifts have arrived on time, though if my UPS tracking history is accurate, one of them took a VERY roundabout route to Philadelphia (Cincinnati to El Paso?! That seems … inefficient). The holidays are about giving, enjoying the presence of friends and family (from a safe distance, obviously) and, if you’re Raiders running back Josh Jacobs, flipping the bird—both literally and figuratively—to all things fantasy football.

So much for holiday cheer. Apparently there aren’t enough Balsam and Cedar-scented candles in the world (clearly someone’s been shopping at Yankee Candle) to mask the smell of bitterness and hostility emanating from Jacobs, who waged war with both fantasy players and even the relentlessly agreeable Matthew Berry last week. Jacobs’ criticism of the fantasy community is understandable—a poor fantasy performance doesn’t give you cart blanche to attack a player on social media—though his harsh delivery of that message likely won’t win him any new fans.

Jacobs’ heel turn wasn’t even the pettiest behavior I saw this week. In one of my home leagues, some dog in a manger took a flamethrower to fantasy etiquette, submitting a successful waiver claim for Rams running back Cam Akers (fresh off a 171-yard tour de force against New England) despite being eliminated weeks earlier. The thing to do when you have nothing left to play for is to bow out gracefully, not muddy the waters for everyone else. Even for Ebenezer Scrooge, wreaking waiver mayhem in Week 15 is a bridge too far.

Fantasy football can bring out the Grinch in us, but don’t let resentment and jealousy cloud your judgment. At its best, fantasy football brings people together, uniting us in the shared thrill of an action-packed Sunday slate, distributing euphoria and agony in equal measure. So whatever happens in your fantasy championship this week, be thankful for the experience and appreciate what a welcome distraction football has been during these trying times.

On a holiday edition of the RADIO.COM Fantasy Football Show, Jordan Cohn and I wax poetic on this week’s waiver offerings, streaming possibilities and stealth starters who can help in your pursuit of an elusive fantasy championship. Remember, flags fly forever. Happy holidays, everyone.

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