Fantasy football: Week 9 waiver wire, streamers and starts


Decisions, decisions. So the trade deadline in your home league is right around the proverbial corner and your injury-ravaged shell of a team is sitting at a pedestrian 3-5 (as someone who owns Michael Thomas in multiple leagues, I very much know the feeling) and you, like many others in this unfavorable position, are overcome with existential dread. Because with five weeks remaining in the fantasy regular season, judgment day is upon us. I suppose the same could be said of America (November 3rd has, at long last, arrived), but given the rhetoric and unusually high stakes surrounding this year’s election, we can skirt that thorny topic.

The time has come for fantasy players to decide whether to pack it in for 2020 (if only), cleaning house Sixers style (remember, “Process” inventor Sam Hinkie died for our sins) and shooting for a low pick in next year’s draft or, if you believe the season can still be salvaged, throwing caution to the wind by acquiring a last-gasp difference-maker for the stretch run. I’m a “no surrender” guy myself, but fantasy football is a “choose your own adventure” story and only you can write it.

Or maybe—and hopefully this is the case—none of the above applies to you. Instead you’re looking down from the mountain top at 6-2 or, dare I say it, 7-1, and are only seeking minor, cosmetic changes ahead of what should be a long and fulfilling playoff run. With your postseason ticket all but stamped, perhaps your prerogative is securing a first-round bye, dropping the hammer on your bewildered league-mates by claiming that elusive top seed.

Whatever fantasy path you’re on, we’re here to help. Join Stephen Andress, Jordan Cohn and me to discuss waiver strategy (Zack Moss 2020), streaming recommendations (I have a plug-and-play defense that will knock your socks off) and which hidden-gem starters can propel you to Week 9 greatness on another episode of the RADIO.COM Fantasy Football Show. As always, we’ll answer any start/sit conundrums you may have in the comments section. That’s what we’re here for. And please, for the love of God, perform your civic duty and vote!

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