Fox’s new camera angle has NFL Twitter buzzing


This is a serious question: Is Fox’s broadcast of the Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Football eligible for Oscar consideration?

Because there has been some world-class cinematography.

Fox seems to be debuting a new camera technique for filming from the field level at the back of the end zone and the results have been quite magnificent.

It appears Fox has a cameraman with a “DSLR on a gimbal,” according to mitch Tischler. (For those interested in more technical details: A Sony mirrorless on a handheld gimbal, per Brandon Costa. And Fox says it is broadcasting in 8K.)

And the results are stunning.

Here is a look at the Seahawks celebrating Shaquill Griffin’s interception of Dwayne Haskins.

And on the celebration of Russell Wilson’s touchdown pass to Seattle tight end Jacob Hollister

More of this, please.

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