LISTEN: Jenn Sterger Delivers Tear-Filled Defense of Colin Kaepernick


The Colin Kaepernick saga took another turn over the weekend when he held a public workout after refusing to participate in the NFL-sanctioned workout less than an hour from when it was scheduled.

There were several reasons why Kaepernick chose to do this, with transparency that he believed the NFL did not provide being the one he singled out while meeting with reporters.

Only seven of the 25 teams that were supposed to watch him attended the last-minute public workout, and it seems as if his clash with the NFL is not over.

On RADIO.COM’s “Swings & Mrs.” show, co-host Jenn Sterger said she could relate to how Kaepernick must feel as the quarterback tries to prove he belongs in a league that has shown no interest in wanting him since he began kneeling during the national anthem as a form of protest over social injustice.

“I have been the person that’s like, ‘don’t be scared,'" Sterger said. "I’ve had everything taken away from me and had to be that person who said, ‘don’t be scared. Don’t be scared to hire me because I’m standing up for myself.' That’s not fair. … It’s not that it’s just not fair, it’s wrong."

Sterger was a former employee of the New York Jets where she was subjected to sexual harassment which made national headlines.

“I would rather slave away at a bar in obscurity and work on things that make me happy and creative and work on bettering myself than to take jobs yes manning people for not standing up for myself. The NFL did everything it possibly could to shut me down. I got emails, I got places where I was almost hired and they were like, ‘we can’t. We just can’t and you understand why.’

“The owners can pretend there’s no collusion, they can pretend they’re not scared of the president, they can pretend the narrative of he can’t play just like they can say I don’t know what I’m talking about. You know what? Entercom giving me this platform shows that I do know what I’m f---ing talk about.

“You may not agree with how they’re doing it and he’s been backed in the corner and has to fight for himself. Sometimes that’s that’s the only thing he can do is stand up and f--ing fight because what is the other thing? To not play. He could leave the public perception out there and say, ‘you know what, I can still play this game.’”

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