Jon Gruden: Raiders' New Las Vegas Stadium 'Greatest Thing I've Ever Seen'


When Jon Gruden refers to something as the 'greatest thing (he's) ever seen,' my mind automatically makes the assumption that he's talking about some ridiculous display of quarterback talent.

Maybe he's talking about Patrick Mahomes' Super Bowl dime to Tyreek Hill, or one of Aaron Rodgers' many epic Hail Mary passes, or one of Carson Wentz's impossible throws.

But the days of Gruden's QB Camp are over, and instead of praising a quarterback with his "greatest thing I've ever seen" comment, he was praising the magnificent new Allegiant Stadium, which will serve as the home of the Las Vegas Raiders moving forward. Construction is not yet done, and this may be one of the reasons that prompted Gruden to make such a laudatory statement.

"I just have to tell you, the stadium looks freaking awesome," Gruden said. "IT's the greatest thing I've ever seen. And I just want to congratulate all you workers for an incredible accomplishment during adversity.

"It's the two-minute drill. You've done 99% of the work... I just challenge you to finish like a champion."

Gruden's words were taken to heart by the many employees that are helping to complete the construction of Allegiant Stadium, the new $1.8 billion facility which began undergoing work in November of 2017. He's absolutely right, in that the workers have kept on the project despite the coronavirus pandemic, which at one point had spread throughout the stadium and caused 16 active cases.

The interior, from what we've seen, looks pretty 'freaking awesome,' to put it in the words of Coach.

However, it's unlikely that fans will get to experience Allegiant Stadium to the fullest this season, if at all. Teams like the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs are cracking down on how many fans will be allowed at games, and we can't imagine 65,000 fans piling into the Raiders' new abode.

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