Former NFL QB Mark Sanchez revealed as contestant on 'Masked Singer'


It may be the same ole Jets, but at least Mark Sanchez seems to be in a happier place.

The former Gang Green quarterback apparently has pretty decent singing, dancing and puppeteering skills -- after it was revealed he was one of the costumed contestants on the hit Fox show "The Masked Singer."

The 33-year-old, who starred at USC before the Jets made him No. 5 overall pick in 2009, performed the George Michael hit "Faith" on an earlier episode this season, wearing the costume of the so-called Baby Alien character.

The identity of the performers is unknown to all, including the audience, except for a few hints that are given. A guest judge, actor Joel McHale, guessed Baby Alien was performed by Tom Brady.

But with his ouster on Wednesday night's episode, the fourth of the season, Sanchez's identity was revealed.

And in true Sanchize fashion, he appeared to awkwardly embrace it, declaring that he would henceforth only respond to "Baby Alien Sanchez."

Sanchez, now a college football analyst with ESPN after an eight-year NFL career, told Variety the gorilla suit weighed upwards of 40 pounds -- and that he was probably one of only a few contestants who could have handled wearing it.

“I think they needed somebody that was big enough and strong enough to handle the weight of the costume,” he said. “Because after wearing it for a while, it wears on you a little bit. It’s like 40 pounds. And it positions itself on your upper chest area and lower back and shoulders, so they needed somebody with some broad shoulders to handle it. I was their guy and it worked out well.”

Sanchez, who last played in 2018 with Washington, said he drew upon his weekly practice routine from football to learn each of the three performance facets, and then incorporate them into each other.

The former QB latched on with the Eagles after his Jets career came to an unceremonious end following a season-ending shoulder injury during a 2013 preseason game, and he also played briefly with the Dallas Cowboys. Sanchez retired with 86 touchdown passes, 89 picks, and a 56.6% completion rate.