Matthew Stafford passes Drew Brees for most game-winning drives since 2010


Whether or not Matthew Stafford is a Hall of Fame quarterback when his career is all said and done will surely be a topic filled with various perspectives, voices and heated debates. He definitely has time to add on to his resume, though his 0-3 career record in the playoffs is something that will likely need to change sooner rather than later, be it with the Detroit Lions or with another franchise. RADIO.COM Sports' own Tim Kelly asked that very question a few weeks ago, and anything close to a definitive answer still eludes us.

But while his future and Hall of Fame status are both very, very uncertain, one thing is for sure: Stafford's counting stats continue to grow, and grow, and grow, and he added another impressive achievement to his huge collection after the Lions' improbable victory over the Falcons in Week 7.

Thanks to Falcons running back Todd Gurley's gaffe — which he said he was "mad as hell" at himself for committing — Stafford was able to lead Detroit's offense down the field with just 1:04 left on the clock and torch the Atlanta secondary for various big plays, all of which are neatly encapsulated in the below video.

This game-winning drive was Stafford's 35th since 2010, pushing him past Drew Brees (34) and putting him atop the long list of NFL quarterbacks over this span. The full list can be seen below (courtesy of Pro Football Reference).

Query Results Table
Rk Player From To GWD GS
1Matthew Stafford2010202035145
2Drew Brees2010202034159
3Matt Ryan2010202031166
4Russell Wilson 2012202030134
5Andy Dalton2011202025135
6Eli Manning 2010201924147
7Ben Roethlisberger2010202024136
8Tom Brady 2010202023163
9Derek Carr2014202021100
10Joe Flacco2010202021141
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Generated 10/26/2020.

He now sits just one shy of Eli Manning in the all-time rankings, the top ten of which is filled with legendary names:

Another fun fact about yesterday's game-winning drive was that the winning touchdown pass came with triple zeros on the play clock, marking the second time Stafford had done this and putting him in the company of only one other quarterback.

Do statistics like these do anything to bolster his case for Canton? Perhaps not, as they could show as much about Stafford's skill as they do about Detroit's defense keeping games close. It's hard to deny, however, that they show a confident and determined fighter who is never willing to let his team go down despite some stacked odds — like a 1.3% of winning, for instance, which was what his Lions had in Week 7.

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