Max Kellerman eats crow after he predicted the end of Tom Brady's career in 2016

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About five years ago, Max Kellerman dug in when trying to predict the future when it came to Tom Brady.

It was 2016 and the television host suggested the cliff was coming for Brady's career.

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Well, we know how that worked out. Now not only is Brady thriving as a defending world champion, 44-year-old quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he is spending his days thinking about the previously unthinkable.

In an interview on the Bucs' Web site with teammate Rob Gronkowski, Brady surmised that he could actually still be living life as an NFL quarterback at the age of 50.

So, what was Kellerman's reaction? Crow has been eaten.

"As the ‘Tom Brady is going to fall off the cliff’ guy, I have to say something about this … When I said that I wasn’t making some crazy prediction," the ESPN host said. "I noticed in the history of mankind, nobody had ever been a great quarterback past the age of 42 and Tom Brady was something like 40 when I said that. I gave him 18 months to fall off the cliff. He has so smashed that it’s crazy. He is so far out ahead of everybody who has ever lived, it’s nuts. And what I realized over time is that he is transcendent. I was making the wrong comparison. I was comparing Tom Brady to people in his sport. But if you look at Nolan Ryan and the number of innings he pitched and how late into life he pitched. Bernard Hopkins, the great middleweight champion, who was still beating guys when he was 50 years old. Those are the real comparisons I should have been making for Tom Brady. Who could know at that time, right? But what that tells me is, I wouldn’t rule out him playing until he’s 50. Hopkins fought until he was 50. Nolan Ryan until his late 40’s Satchel Paige, who knows how old he was?"