Michael Thomas shares deep message on Instagram: 'I deserved every L I took'


The drop-off in production from 2019 to 2020 for Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas is hard to just chalk up as an anomaly. After all, he led all players in 2019 with 1,725 receiving yards and all players in league history with 149 receptions in his unbelievable campaign two seasons ago. In 2020, he had 109 fewer catches and nearly 1,300 fewer yards, (no) thanks to injuries, off-field issues and inconsistent quarterback play.

But in 2021, Thomas promises to be back. He shared a deep post on Instagram sharing his thoughts, though we're not sure whether or not it's an original quote or if he pulled it from somewhere else and found inspiration from it.

"I can honestly say I deserved every L I took," the post said. "I got too comfortable with a lot of things & people. It all backfired on me, BUT I'm back at it now & it's all understood."

The caption was, simply, "this the one."

Among the notable comments left on the post were Emmanuel Sanders' underlined 100 emoji — which, for you old folk, is a way of saying that he's on board and supportive of the message — along with Tyrann Mathieu's emoji of hands raised in support and appreciation.

And then there are the hundreds upon hundreds of comments left behind by the Saints fan base, hungry for a more dominant Thomas that they had grown used to and are excited to see return in 2021. No matter who's under center, Thomas should be able to replicate the All-Pro caliber performances that he produced in 2018 and 2019, though it's worth noting that the only way he might have been able to shatter the single-season reception record was under the shrewd eye and precise accuracy of Drew Brees.

Thomas has four years and over $60 million left on his contract with the Saints, and a bounce-back year would be a nice way for him to start the new decade and live up to the lofty expectations that awaited him upon signing that huge deal.

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