More rumors of tension between Tom Brady, Bruce Arians


Tom Brady and Bruce Arians' relationship has been a major topic of discussion the last few days following Brady struggling once again in Monday's loss to the Rams.

There have been rumors of frustration and tension between the two and that has continued the last few days.

Speaking on ESPN's Get Up Wednesday, NFL analyst Dan Graziano speculated there could be frustration growing with Arians that he expected Brady to be better, especially with the hand-picked talent he has around him.

“There’s a lot of theories, obviously it was supposed to work better than this, but one of them is that there is real tension,” Graziano said. “Bruce Arians and Tom Brady just met, right, it’s almost like Arians was watching some sort of movie star action-hero, and then met him in person and said, ‘I thought you’d be bigger.'”

He added: “So if you’re Arians, you’re looking, going saying, ‘This is what you wanted, we got you everything you asked for, why aren’t you delivering, why doesn’t it look like it looks in practice.’ And I think you’re seeing some frustration bubbled to the surface."

Brady has completed just one of his last 19 passes that have traveled 20 yards down field and that is a major part of Arians' offense.

The 43-year-old has thrown 25 touchdowns and nine interceptions this season. The nine picks are already more than he's totaled in six full seasons.

Things won't get any easier as the Bucs will host Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs this Sunday.

(WEEI's Christian Fauria believes Arians is to blame for the issues.)

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