Myles Garrett 'randomly' drug tested again after sleeveless Week 6

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One of my favorite pages on the internet is, better known as the home of "spurious correlations." There, you'll find data that Mr. Vigen has compiled and placed onto charts to show that two completely random trends are almost perfectly correlated with each other. For instance, the divorce rate in Maine by year is eerily similar to the per capita consumption of margarine.

I can't believe it's not marriage! Photo credit (Tyler Vigen/

However, not all correlations are so "spurious," and there's one in the NFL that's emerging that, though touted as "random," is raising some eyebrows. When Myles Garrett goes sleeveless and shows off his massive, almost-inhuman arms, the league requests a random drug test days later.

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Garrett also got tested after his Week 4 effort against the Vikings, the other game this season that he decided to shed his sleeves and show off his guns. He commented about it then, and he didn't hold off on making a remark about the "random" test this time around, posting a text message from the league to his Instagram story and Twitter.

As MoreForYou Cleveland notes, that means that Garrett now has just as many drug tests on the year as he has holding calls. That's saying something: he's pretty darn good, and the league is suspicious of just how good he is.

With 8.0 sacks, he's atop the NFL in that category, thanks in large part to his utterly dominant 4.5-sack effort against the Bears in Week 3. If it were me, I might have tested him after that game, but I guess the NFL sees the pure size of his arms and can't help but to make sure he's au naturel.

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Garrett isn't the only player to feel as though the randomness of his drug tests are not, in fact, random at all. The day after Pat McAfee posted some tweets wishing his followers a happy 4/20, he was hit with a random drug test selection. Odell Beckham Jr. was tested twice in a span of five days and asked the NFL, via Twitter, to "please stop sending these people" for these unnecessary tests. Safety Eric Reid once claimed he was tested randomly six times in 11 game weeks, which had the same chance of happening as "flipping heads nine times in a row" according to a college mathematics professor (via Jonathan Jones, then of

Though we won't see the sleeveless look from Garrett anymore this season, we'll see if he gets hit with another random drug test.

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