2020 is Now Robbing Us of the 'Collinsworth Slide' Before NFL Games on NBC


It’s the little things that 2020 seems to love to ruin most.

As fans tune into NBC on Thursday night to watch the season opener between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth will welcome us to another season, but there will be something missing:

No Collinsworth slide.

Collinsworth, who has made it a signature move to slide into the picture to join his play-by-play partner Michaels in recent years, will have to maintain social distancing and stay six feet apart from Michaels.

The move has become a viral sensation and turned into a meme on social media with fans watching in anticipation. There was even that one time he mixed it up and slid in from the left.

But, until it is deemed safe to be within close proximity of each other, the slide is suspended.

Michaels, however, offered a tongue-in-cheek suggestion on what Collinsworth could do instead.

“I was watching a baseball game the other night and the guy was trying to steak second and he goes to the ground and comes up six feet short,” Michaels said, per Front Office Sports. “So maybe that will be our slide this year.”

In addition to no slide, there will not be any on-field sideline reporters on any broadcast. Instead they will be located in a “moat” near the first round of seats and report from there.

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