NFL 'legend' Kyle Orton trends on Twitter after funny stat

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In order to show just how remarkable it was that quarterback Tom Brady had thrown for his 600th career touchdown, CBS Sports decided to look at other NFL greats who didn't even have half of that amount. A smart idea, really, and one that puts Brady's greatness in perspective throughout the context of NFL history. And on that list were true legends of the game, like John Elway, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Terry Bradshaw, Kurt Warner and Troy Aikman.

The list probably could have ended there and the point would have been made. But if you needed to add some others, there are plenty of good names to look at. Take, for instance, all-time greats Johnny Unitas (290), Drew Bledsoe (251), Jim Kelly (237), Randall Cunningham (207) or Joe Namath (173).

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As it turns out, CBS Sports did decide to add one more name. But to be perfectly honest, it was one that didn't really seem to fit with the rest of the group that was highlighted.

As expected, fans raised their eyebrows in skepticism after seeing Orton at the bottom of the list, and it didn't take long for Orton — along with Joe Flacco, who had just been traded — to start trending on Twitter. If you had Kyle Orton and Joe Flacco trending on Twitter in 2021 on your bingo cards, feel free to cross that space off.

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Look, as a sports content producer, every decision you make will be heavily, heavily scrutinized by the voracious followers on social media. I once called Ben Roethlisberger a "very likely" Hall of Famer instead of an "absolute lock" a few years back, and boy did I bear the brunt of fans' disbelief that someone could think such a thing — and I learned my lesson. Like my exclusion of Roethlisberger from Hall of Fame locks, this inclusion of Orton riled some people up.

Orton finished his career with a 42-40 record, over 18,000 yards and 101 touchdowns to 69 interceptions. That's a good stat line, but not one that ever got him a Pro Bowl or All-Pro nod, and certainly not one that cements him as a "legend" alongside all those aforementioned Hall of Famers.

But hey, there are certainly worse things that can randomly happen to you than finding out you're trending on Twitter, right?

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