League Memo Confirms NFL Training Camp Will Proceed As Scheduled


Teams received the following league memo from NFL Executive VP of Football Operations Troy Vincent on Saturday:

With the clock ticking on training camp, players had become wary of the league’s continued silence, though the NFL has managed to rectify that with the release of Saturday’s memo and a detailed mandate outlining safety protocols for teams to follow amid the coronavirus pandemic. Patrick Mahomes and J.J. Watt were among the most vocal players in shaming the NFL for its lack of transparency, pleading for the league to finally take some initiative on the COVID front. That seems to have been accomplished, though there’s much to be ironed out with many questions still unanswered including how and if stadiums will accommodate fans. To that end, some venues including those in Jacksonville, New England and Baltimore have already announced reduced seating capacities for the upcoming 2020 season.

With teams finally getting the green light for training camp, the plan is for rookies to report Tuesday with veterans’ presence required by July 28. Quarterbacks and players nursing injuries arrive Thursday. The Chiefs and Texans have opted to start earlier than the league’s other 30 teams, beginning their camps on Monday.

The NFL is still weighing whether to hold a preseason with most players recommending the league scrap its exhibition schedule. Even if the NFL proceeds with its preseason slate, it would be an abbreviated offering with one or two games per team as opposed to the usual four. At last count, the NFL had reported 72 positive coronavirus tests, representing roughly 2.5 percent of the league’s player body.

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