NFL reporter 'wouldn't take Nick Foles-Philadelphia reunion off the table'


Just because the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears couldn't come to terms on a Carson Wentz deal doesn't mean that these two teams couldn't agree on another potential quarterback trade.

ESPN senior NFL reporter Jeremy Fowler, for one, thinks it's a real possibility, and it would involve one of the most beloved QBs in the long history of Philadelphia Eagles football (h/t John Clark of NBC Sports).

"I wouldn't take a Nick Foles-Philadelphia reunion off the table right now," Fowler said on Saturday morning. "Because a few weeks ago, when Chicago was looking to get Carson Wentz, they included Nick Foles in a potential package to Philadelphia. Now, Wentz ultimately went to Indianapolis, but those talks had been ongoing, they're in place — all they would have to do this week is revive them.

"Philadelphia is looking for a high-level backup, somebody to come in and support Jalen Hurts. Meanwhile, Chicago is just looking to dump some salary right now. They're in some cap problems, Nick Foles carries a $6.6 [million] cap hit that they could get off their books, and I eventually think he'll be traded. Philadelphia is an option for him."

Though the Bears added Andy Dalton and saw Mitch Trubisky join the Buffalo Bills, their quarterback situation is far from settled, meaning it wouldn't be a surprise to see Foles on the move. As Fowler noted, they need to shed some salary — they're currently $10.8 million over the cap, according to Spotrac, which is highest in the NFL — and trading Foles would help with that.

Eagles fans would probably like to see this move for a couple of reasons, one being that the team would bring back a hero whose best performances have always come in midnight green. And whether or not fans like this, it might also signal that the Hurts-Foles duo could be what they go forward with during the season, opting not to select a quarterback in the draft. For what it's worth, that's the draft strategy that I, personally, would prefer. However, it would be foolish to dismiss that possibility or any of the other hundreds that we will hear over the next week.

Foles finished his 2020 season in Chicago with 1,852 yards, 10 touchdowns and eight interceptions. In Philadelphia, Foles has a 21-11 regular season record to go along with a 4-2 playoffs record and Super Bowl victory. Everywhere else — the Bears included — his record is 7-16.

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