Patrick Mahomes' father says he tried talking son out of football in high school

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Patrick Mahomes was a three-sport athlete at Whitehouse High School in Texas, but there was one point when his father, former MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes Sr., tried to steer him away from football.

The elder Mahomes revealed on the New York Post’s “Amazin’ But True” Mets podcast that he tried talking his son into pursuing only basketball or baseball after his sophomore year, prior to when Mahomes began playing as a quarterback.

He actually began as a safety and went to visit the University of Texas where head coach Mack Brown put Patrick Mahomes in the safeties room during the visit.

“I remember asking Mack Brown, ‘You mean to tell me you’re recruiting him as a safety?’” Mahomes Sr. said. “And he goes, ‘Yeah.’ And I go, ‘Well, that lets me know right there that y’all don’t watch film, ‘cause my son hasn’t made a tackle in two years. And it ain’t by accident either ‘cause I told him he better not tackle anybody.”

On the ride home from that visit, Mahomes Sr. said he asked his son why he was “messing around with this football stuff?”

“You’re either gonna be a baseball player or you’re gonna be a basketball player,” Mahomes Sr. said he told him. “Football’s your worst sport. Why are we even spending time doing this?

“He looked at me and said, ‘Dad, you know, I just want to play with my friends. I can’t see myself on Friday nights being up in the stands and watching them play and not being a part of it.’ So that was kinda it for the conversation.”

Naturally, Mahomes was given a shot at quarterback his junior year and tossed 46 touchdown passes and followed that with 50 as a senior, earning a scholarship to Texas Tech.

Yet, Mahomes Sr. still didn’t think his son would turn into an MVP and Super Bowl champion quarterback.

“The stuff that he does now in the NFL: the no-look passes, the left-handed passes, he did all that stuff in high school,” he said. “But in my mind, I didn’t know it would translate to the next level. … It’s always been the same. Me envisioning him being a $500 million quarterback, going to two Super Bowls, no, I’d be lying. I always thought he would be a baseball player.”

Mahomes also played baseball briefly at Texas Tech but did not find the same success as he did on the football field, where he is now the highest-paid player in the league after inking an extension that gave him a total of $503 million over 10 years, which his dad actually had to convince him to sign.

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