Patrick Mahomes breaks down the 'Hail Murray' TD pass and catch


With the Kansas City Chiefs on their bye week, quarterback Patrick Mahomes spent his weekend just like any other casual sports fan – watching the Masters and Sunday’s slate of NFL games.

But it was the ending to the Arizona Cardinals-Buffalo Bills game, in which Kyler Murray connected with DeAndre Hopkins on a game-winning Hail Mary, that left Mahomes in awe just like the rest of us.

The play prompted Kansas City’s 610 Sports Radio’ “The Drive” to ask Mahomes during his weekly appearance on Monday which was more impressive: Murray’s throw or Hopkins’ catch?

“Both were super impressive. That’s kinda a thing where both of them were great,” he said. “At the same time, the throw was amazing. You have to roll to your left, making that throw falling out of bounds. Not even that, but just to have the ability to get the throw off with all those guys rushing.”

As much as Mahomes lauded the throw from a fellow quarterback, his assessment of Hopkins’ catch made it sound like the receiver got the edge.

“That catch was pretty special,” Mahomes said. “I mean, the way he was able to go up there with three people around him and just high point the football. And the fact that there was no bobble made it more special. He really just brought it down like he was catching any other pass.”

Mahomes even tweeted after the play that Hopkins is a “monster.”

“It’s like when you’re in the backyard playing with your little brother and you throwing the football and catching it on top of him,” he said. “It was pretty special. I remember my rookie year we went down and played the Texans and he made a couple of those catches in that game as well. He just seems to do it week in and week out.”

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