Peyton Manning, John Lynch recall how Eli Manning hilariously messed with their phones

By , Audacy

Be careful with your phone if you’re ever around Eli Manning.

The former New York Giants quarterback has long held a reputation as the ultimate locker room prankster and his brother, Peyton — who was inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend — said he learned from his brother that practical jokes helped bond a locker room together.

Peyton recalled these moments during a panel discussion with the rest of his Hall of Fame class over the weekend and credited Eli for teaching him how to keep things light, which prompted the Hall of Famer to share one of the pranks Eli pulled on him.

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“Eli’s kind of a silent assassin,” Peyton said. “You think he’s this sweet, innocent kid. Eli can put your phone in German in seven seconds.  The beauty of it is, it’s a four-step process. It’s general, settings, language, turn it into Chinese and once it’s in Chinese you can’t figure out what’s settings, general, language is in Chinese.”

That’s when 49ers GM John Lynch, who was being inducted as a player along with Peyton, chimed in to add that Eli just did something similar to him this year.

“We were on a golf trip and he took my phone and somehow every time I typed “the” it became, and I’ll clean this up, ‘Man, I gotta go…,’” Lynch said, leaving the last part blank for everyone to fill in with the expletive.

“Our owner, Jed York, sends me a text, ‘How’s the golf trip going?’ ‘Jed, it’s awesome. We’re going to the course right now.’ Well, ‘the’ became ‘Man, I gotta go…’ And Jed’s going, ‘JL, what are you saying, man?’”

“It’s called text replacement,” Peyton said. “That’s kinda my new move now.”

Perhaps Peyton and Lynch need better passcodes for their phones.

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