Peyton Manning Wants to Own, Run NFL Team: Report


Peyton Manning's plan for his post-playing career might finally be coming into focus.

The topic of much speculation since he retired in 2016 after a historic NFL career, Manning has remained involved in the periphery of the game while continuing to dabble in mentoring young quarterbacks, endorsements and speaking deals, and being a family man.

But Manning has been something of a white whale since hanging up his helmet. Most recently, several TV networks reportedly made bold, lucrative offers for the iconic former quarterback, only to be rebuffed.

Now we may know why.

Rather than settle into full-time broadcasting, Manning is keen to purchase a stake in a team and run it as the top football executive, sources told Bleacher Report.

The report likened Manning's trajectory to that of NBA icon Michael Jordan, who went on to purchase a controlling stake in the Charlotte Hornets back in 2010, seven years after he played his final game.

Manning, according to the sources, is far likelier to join an NFL front office than a broadcasting booth owing to his competitive nature.

"I could see him running an organization," former NFL head coach Mike Shanahan told Bleacher Report. "He is so on top of every area because he has been working at it his whole life."

The report rehashes some of Manning's previous discussions about joining a front office. Shortly after he retired, separate reports surfaced linking him to the Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns, and Tennessee Titans.

Most recently, Manning was said to have advised fellow No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow ahead of the recent NFL Draft.

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