Chiefs star reportedly arrested after police find Uzi in his car

Frank Clark was arrested for felony possession of a firearm
By , 610 Sports Radio

According to a new report, Chiefs' defensive end Frank Clark was arrested in Los Angeles over the weekend. TMZ Sports is reporting that Clark was arrested at 9:20 P.M. on Sunday night, and booked into jail early on Monday morning. Per TMZ, the police stopped Clark during a traffic stop, saw an Uzi in an unopened duffle bag, and then arrested him.

"Law enforcement sources tell us Clark was pulled over for a routine traffic stop Sunday evening in Los Angeles," the report reads. "... When cops say they noticed an open duffle bag in his ride. Our sources say officers saw the gun inside the bag ... and arrested the 28-year-old for felony illegal possession of a firearm."

Neither the Chiefs or Clark's representation have commented yet. The story is still developing.