Stefon Diggs: 'I'd Be Lying If I Said I Was Comfortable' With NFL Starting


When Stefon Diggs was traded to the Buffalo Bills in mid-March, the coronavirus pandemic was looming. But Bills fans were either unaware of the extent to which this pandemic would develop, or too busy basking in the glory of finally having a true and proven WR1, that they didn't seem all too concerned with the future of the sport.

After all, it was on March 12 that Jazz center Rudy Gobert had mockingly touched every microphone in a pregame media session, only to find out hours later that he was, in fact, infected with the virus. The NBA season had shut down, but it seemed more precautionary. The NFL season, all the way down the road in another six months? That couldn't possibly be affected by this, right?

And some fans and players still think that the season could go on as planned, though the preseason has already shaved off a few games and NFL stadiums figure to be at a significantly reduced capacity, if not completely empty. But Stefon Diggs doesn't seem to be one of those players, and he expressed his feelings in a string of tweets on Tuesday night.

"I miss football..." Diggs said in the first of his posts, and followed up soon after by saying, "I love football... with all of me."

But... there had to be a "but" after a passionate statement like that.

And, no, the problem is not switching from Kirk Cousins to Josh Allen -- Diggs made sure to respond to a tweet that suggested that was the case and directed the fan not to "be that guy."

Instead, we can safely assume that he's talking about health and safety, like so many other players are likely doing, in public or behind the scenes. He says that he's been "training (his) butt off... to stay ready and prepared" in case anything does happen, but you've got to figure that it's difficult at a time like this to focus on both physical and mental preparation of an NFL season when there are so many questions out in the open, as he alluded to.

Diggs also mentioned his concerns about playing in empty stadiums, and playing in front of the Bills Mafia is unfortunately something he may not be able to experience in his first season at New Era Field.

It's not only health and safety that are potentially standing in the way of there being an NFL season, as unfortunate as that is. As is the case with every sport, the NFL is a business, and finances have to come into play. In these times, negotiations are never easy and reveal the rift between the players and the league, and as was the case with Major League Baseball, NFL stars like Michael Thomas and Patrick Mahomes are fearing the worst for what these salary negotiations could ultimately turn into.

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