Michael Strahan’s Game-Worn Super Bowl Jersey Is Up for Auction, But Is It Real?


Michael Strahan claims his game-worn jersey from Super Bowl XLVI—when the Giants upset the previously undefeated Patriots in stunning fashion—is framed and mounted on his wall. Ken Goldin, founder and CEO of Goldin Auctions, would disagree. Goldin insists the real jersey is being auctioned off as we speak.

“We are 100% confident the Strahan jersey in the auction is authentic,” Goldin told TMZ. “And the photo matching services letters and images speak for themselves."

Strahan remains convinced the actual jersey is still in his possession. Upon beating the Patriots 21-17 at University of Phoenix Stadium in February of 2008, Straham instructed a friend to take his jersey back to his hotel room for safekeeping. However, Goldin claims the jersey was instead left with a team equipment manager, who gave it to someone else. Years later, it landed at Goldin Auctions, where the jersey was inspected and later confirmed to be authentic by Mei Grey and Resolution Photo Matching Service. The bidding has already reached $39,000 and Goldin believes the item could eventually fetch as much $100,000.

Was Strahan duped or is Goldin Auction trotting out an imposter jersey? Crazy as it seems, this isn’t even the first time this summer a piece of Strahan memorabilia has come into question. In a recent Bloomberg profile, Boston area jewel thief and emphatic Patriots supporter Sean Murphy claimed he stole upwards of two dozen Giants Super Bowl rings including one that supposedly belonged to Strahan (the Giants have refuted his assertion, insisting the ring never went missing).

Treasured sports keepsakes like Strahan’s Super Bowl jersey have a tendency to go missing. Tom Brady had his Patriots jersey swiped at some point during the post-game chaos of Super Bowl LI while the Red Sox had difficulty wrangling the ball Doug Mientkiewicz caught for the final out of the 2004 World Series. At least those items were returned relatively intact, unlike the World Series ball from 2007 (reduced to shreds by Jonathan Papelbon’s French bulldog) or the Lombardi Trophy Rob Gronkowski once used as a makeshift baseball bat. Which begs the question, have any of these players ever heard of a safe deposit box?

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