Deshaun Watson: Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches Helped Cure Swollen Eye

By , RADIO.COM Sports

Deshaun Watson thought he had lost his eye last week, but he was able to bounce back from a scary injury thanks to the magical healing powers of fast food.

The Houston Texans quarterback, who is still recovering from being kicked in the eye last week, showed no signs being impacted by the freak injury on Sunday when he threw for 201 yards and two touchdowns in a 26-3 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in London.

After the game, Watson — who opted not to wear a visor on his helmet despite his eye still bloodshot and swollen — credited Popeyes spicy chicken sandwiches for why he was able to have such a good game after his eye injury.

The sale of Popeyes chicken sandwiches was suspended back in August after such incredibly high demand for the item was too much for the fast-food chain to keep up with.

It was re-released on Sunday, National Sandwich Day, so Watson must have had some sort of hookup to get it beforehand, especially if he was in London all week where there is no Popeyes.

Now if Watson can turn this into an endorsement deal for Popeyes, he can cash in on all the chicken sandwiches he wants and his eye will be fine in no time.

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