Twitter roasts Nick Foles for missing wide-open touchdown


Nick Foles has to be an improvement on Mitchell Trubisky … right? That was true in Week 3 when Foles led the Bears to a comeback win over Atlanta, but not so much in last week’s loss to the Colts, which marked Chicago’s first defeat of the 2020 season.

Facing a potent Tampa Bay defense on short rest, the former Super Bowl MVP knew he’d have his work cut out for him Thursday night. Luckily for Foles, he caught the Bucs napping early in the second quarter when rookie Darnell Mooney blew past cornerback Carlton Davis (who intercepted Foles on the previous possession), leaving him wide open for what should have been a cakewalk 52-yard touchdown. Instead, this is what transpired.

Incredible. This from the man who once slayed Tom Brady (his Week 5 opponent, ironically enough) on the sport’s biggest stage. You’re telling me playoff hero Nick Foles, author of the iconic Philly Special, can’t hit this throw? The closest defender to Mooney wasn’t even in the same HEMISPHERE. As you’d expect, the Twitter peanut gallery had plenty to say about Foles (the recipient of an inexplicable, four-year, $88-million contract last offseason) airmailing Mooney.

As bad as that gaffe was, it’s debatable whether that was even Foles’ worst throw of the night. Had the 31-year-old placed this ball anywhere NEAR Allen Robinson, the Bears would have been looking at a first down. Instead, they had to bring out the punt unit.

Despite everything I just said, the Bears went to halftime with a one-point lead. Go figure.

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