WFT harassment survivors sound off on Tanya Snyder for 'tone deaf' interview

By , 93.7 The Fan

A group of sexual harassment survivors formerly employed by the Washington Football Team are angry all over again after hearing Tanya Snyder, the organization's new co-CEO and wife of longtime owner Dan Snyder, speak publicly about the pain her family's gone through in the past year.

That year has included an NFL investigation into a toxic workplace culture, ran by her husband, that's produced decades of sexual harassment allegations, many outlined in a series of damning Washington Post reports published in the summer of 2020.

While the NFL ultimately produced no written report — despite a nearly year-long investigation by famed attorney Beth Wilkinson — the league did impose a $10 million fine on the organization, days after Dan Snyder mysteriously decided to name his wife co-CEO. The league determined the punishment after only hearing an oral report from Wilkinson.

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In an interview with ESPN's Adam Schefter this week, Tanya Snyder described the past year as "one of the most difficult" of her, Dan and her family's lives, calling the experience a "cross between a crime show and a nightmare movie" that produces a lump in her throat.

Asked what causes that lump in her throat, Snyder told Schefter: "Well, I just think it's the pain from our family, from my children, and you know, just a lot of the tough times that we've gone through and, as you know, the media. It is what it is. Everybody's gonna say whatever, and I guess when you have a void and you don't have your voice out there, people can say whatever, and that has been the case. And that's what I mean."

Three survivors of Washington's toxic workplace culture — Emily Applegate, Melanie Coburn and Megan Imbert — staunchly objected to Tanya Snyder's remarks, publicly decrying the co-CEO's perspective as "insulting" and coming off as "tone deaf," among other objections, provided below.

Coburn seized the moment as an opportunity to remind followers that the NFL never released the findings of Wilkinson's investigation. Or, as Coburn put it: "Dan Snyder and his cronies got away with it."

The person running the show may be different. But the results, in this case, certainly seem the same.