You Can Apply to Be an NFL Food Tester

By , RADIO.COM Sports

If you're jealous of the life that Guy Fieri lives, boy are you going to be happy you clicked on this article. No, you won't get to travel across the country trying food at the best diners, drive ins and dive bars, but one company is offering the next best thing - a chance to be an NFL food tester.

Pickswise is a sports betting site. For the 2019 NFL season, they'll also employ an NFL food tester:

"We want someone to go to games and eat the best signature dishes throughout the league to give us a verdict on which team does the best dishes and rating each one from every team to determine who is number one.

The competition winner will get $500 and tickets to go to NFL games for the 2019 season and will be given expenses to eat item per stadium. They will then rank the signature dishes and report back to Pickswise with their findings."

While the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears will kick off the 2019 NFL season Thursday evening, it's not too late to enter the contest. Those interested in being the NFL food tester simply need to follow @PickswiseNFL, and reply to the tweet below with their best picture of them eating at a football game:

There's of course, a ton of excitement about the start of the NFL's 100th season. If anything could make the season more magical, it's the ability to serve as an NFL food tester.