Twitter slams Jimmy Fallon for failed beer-chugging attempt during Rangers game

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The atmosphere was rocking at the Garden during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Talk show host and New York City native Jimmy Fallon was in attendance and tried his best to get in on the rowdiness.

When the camera panned onto Fallon, who was caught off guard, he decided to dip his hot dog in beer, scarf it down his throat and then attempt to chug his pale ale—failing miserably.

Fallon's beer-chugging efforts on Twitter received mixed reviews, some liked his ability to eat the hot dog or "glizzy" (as the dogs are known on Twitter) so fast but most of the people's comments were ripping Fallon's attempt to be funny.

According to the NY Post, Fallon was seen at the stadium getting a Rangers jersey to cover for the sweater he covered with beer.

However, some of the other fans at MSG were being a bit too rowdy. That was the case for one Rangers fan when he knocked a Tampa Bay Lighting fan while on their way out of the arena after a 3-1 loss to Tampa in Game 5.

Let's hope something like this doesn't happen in next game in Florida or if their is a Game 7 in New York.

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