Did Super Bowl streaker really win $375,000?


With the result well in hand and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on their way to winning Super Bowl LV, a streaker got onto the field. In a pink one piece, he ran across the players and into the far end zone.

The streaker’s story, though, is getting more run than the typical fan running on the field. According to an interview with the man who pulled it off, he cashed out on his 100-yard dash of Raymond James Stadium.

Per WILD 94.1, Yuri Andrade bet $50,000 on the prop “will a fan to run on the field during the Super Bowl” at +750 odds. The bet netted him a reported $375,000. Andrade claims, per the five minute interview, that he found the prop on Bovada before sending someone to Las Vegas to place the wager.

Of course, Andrade took matters into his own hands and did the deed, streaking onto the field with a little over five minutes left in the fourth quarter.

In the interview, Andrade discusses that he saw the bet was being offered by Bovada sportsbook and that he sent someone to Las Vegas to place the wager.

However, many are disputing that he was able to get down this much on a bet that could be manipulated so easily.

Patrick Everson of Covers.com put together a thread laying out the story and sharing why it is impossible that this bet was made in Las Vegas, as Mr. Andrade states.


Vegas doesn’t take bets on events such as the national anthem, the presidential election, nor if a person will streak on the field during the Super Bowl, as Everson later clarifies.

It doesn’t appear feasible for Andrade’s story to be true. Of course he may have gotten the bet down somewhere that was offering it, but no one went to Vegas to get this one in, as he says in his radio interview.

While this is likely all fiction, many are having fun with Andrade’s stunt, as he appeared to get tackled in the end zone.

Upon further review, he may have been tackled just short of the goal line, but if he had a football maybe he’d get it across.

Andrade did get some commentary as well. Kevin Harlan called his run for Westwood One Sports.

Bottom line: This is someone enjoying his 15 minutes of fame and no $50,000 wager was made on a random Super Bowl prop bet.

Reed is a native of New Jersey and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a die-hard Brooklyn Nets fan and always believes the spread has a chance of covering. You can follow Reed on Twitter @ReedWallach for more commentary.