Antoine Walker says Michael Jordan canceled comeback press conference because he was down $900K gambling


Many consider Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all-time. And, if you know who MJ is, you probably know that he is also a gambling man.

There have been many tales told about Jordan’s wagering, some confirmed and some unconfirmed, but all legendary. Viewers of The Last Dance documentary were also given a look at how much gambling played a part in Jordan’s life.

I bring all of this up because we’ve been blessed with another wild Jordan gambling story, this time courtesy of Antoine Walker. The former NBA star dropped this gem recently during an appearance on the All Things Covered podcast.

According to Walker, him and Jordan once played a game of Spades as a team against two other guys for 36 straight hours. The buy-in was $20,000 and the bets went as high as $50,000. Walker also recalled that at one point, the two were down $900,000. Yes, $900,000.

“MJ sent for about a half a million, cash,” said Walker.

If that wasn't wild enough, Walker said that Jordan was so absorbed with their game, that he canceled his scheduled press conference for that day to announce he was coming back to the NBA.

“He cancelled the press conference and everything,” Walker said. “We played for 36 straight hours.”

I can’t get enough of these Jordan gambling stories, so I hope more and more come out moving forward. But, this is certainly one of the wildest ones to surface yet. Let's see if MJ has a response.

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