U.S. Gymnast Simone Biles to Have Two More Moves Named After Her

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Simone Biles is at it again.

The 22-year-old U.S. gymnast continued to make history over the weekend, performing two new signature moves at the world championships in Stuttgart, Germany on Saturday that will now be named after the decorated champion.

Biles performed a double-double — dismounting from the balance beam by doing a double twist into a double backflip — as well as a triple-double, which features a triple twist into a double backflip.

But you don’t have to call them by their original names anymore.

According to Team USA, the double-double will be known as “The Biles” and the triple-double as “The Biles II.”

Biles debuted both of these moves — neither of which had ever been done before in women’s gymnastics — back in August during the U.S. Gymnastics Championships. Per the gymnastics code of points, any skill successfully performed at a major international competition will take on that gymnast’s name.

The International Gymnastics Federation committee still must meet to determine if each move was performed cleanly, but Team USA and others seem to think that shouldn’t be an issue as they are already referring to the moves by their new names.

Of course, this is not new territory for Biles. She already had two moves named after her — the double layout with a half turn in the floor exercise and the roundoff half on, front layout double twist vault.

Biles, a four-time gold medalist and 14-time world champion will get the chance to continue to show off her signature moves with the team final on Tuesday, all-around final on Thursday and individual apparatus finals from Friday through Sunday.

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