WWE Legend Kane, Now a Mayor, Casts Only Negative Vote Toward Mask Mandate


Now how's that for irony?

Any passionate wrestling fan remembers that fateful day in 2003. Screams of agony coursing through the arena on "Monday Night Raw" and some classic commentary from Jim Ross. June 23, the day that the monster under the mask of The Big Red Machine, Kane, was finally unveiled.

It's become such a recognizable part of our culture that it's been used as a meme by professional sports organizations to flaunt new acquisitions.

But Kane eventually went back to the mask, sticking with one of the most memorable roles of a "sick, twisted individual," as I recall hearing several times from the mouth of J.R., and as the epitome of pure evil. If anyone were to be on board with wearing masks in public during a worldwide health crisis, it should be the man who thrived in a mask for over a decade in a sweaty wrestling ring, right?

Apparently not. Other than the fact that a mayor seems like an unlikely gig for Kane, whose real name is Glenn Jacobs, it's just so incredibly ironic in hindsight that he cast the only negative vote. Twitter had a field day with it, and as usual, Kane's terrifying face reveal was brought to light once again.

Jacobs is the Republican mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, a role he secured by "nearly two-thirds of more than 80,000 total ballots cast" back in August of 2018 (via Tim Fiorvanti of ESPN). Though he ran and is listed as a Republican, he is a well-known libertarian, according to Anthony Sulla-Heffinger of Yahoo! Sports. At least a mayoral role is a little less strange than Jacobs' initial WWE gig: the psychotic dentist, Dr. Isaac Yankem.

As coronavirus cases soar around the nation following a spike in several areas that attempted to reopen safely, public mask wearing is becoming mandated in many communities. We'll see if Jacobs has a change of heart before the next meeting given all the attention his most recent decision received on Twitter.

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