4 Deshaun Watson accusers meet with NFL investigator, more with Houston PD: report


(SportsRadio 610) -- Four women accusing Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct have met with the NFL's lead investigator Lisa Friel and at least double that amount have met with Houston police, according to a report by FOX26's Mark Berman.

Twenty-two women have filed civil suits against the Texans quarterback, who is currently in a standoff with the team and wanted to be traded even before the lawsuits mounted in mid-March.

Berman reached the plaintiffs' attorney Tony Buzbee by phone Wednesday night and confirmed four women met with Friel and "eight to ten" of his clients met with HPD.

Buzbee reportedly expressed concern to Berman about how the NFL is handling things, and that some of the women did not feel they were being respected." The attorney said there are "probably four more women who want to meet with the NFL," but he's not sure if he will allow it to happen.

Three weeks ago, a Harris County district judge gave Buzbee and Watson's legal team until May 7 to agree on how filings would proceed in the case. But that has not happened a week after the deadline, furthering speculation that a settlement could be in the works.

When asked about this, "Buzbee said that is not happening," according to Berman.