Locker: Is handling pressure an issue for Texans QB Davis Mills?


(SportsRadio 610) - We have had a lot of time talking about Davis Mills this season and as the Texans head into week five, I have a lot of thoughts about the second-year quarterback.

Why is Mills so bad on the road?

Mills has eight starts at home and eight on the road.

Stats at home: 69.31% completion, 2,211 yards, 16 TD, 3 INT, 105.7 rating, 7.62 yards per-attempt and 245 yards per-game.

Stats on road: 60.98% completion, 1,361 yards, 5 TDM 11 INT, 64.1 rating, 5.53 yards per-attempt and 170.1 yards per-game.

The wildest stat is that he’s been sacked 10 more times at home than on the road (26 to 16).

Why has Mills been so much worse on the road? Is it a coincidence? Is it part of growing up in the NFL? Or, is there more to it?

Is handling pressure an issue for Mills?

There’s a lot more pressure playing on the road than there is playing at home. Most quarterbacks are better at home than on the road, but the home/road splits for Mills are massive.

Could Mills just not handle extra pressure well?

If the answer is yes that doesn’t mean he’s any different than many young quarterbacks. It also doesn’t mean it’s always going to be the case throughout the course of his career.

Maybe Mills just doesn’t handle pressure well and plays way better in low-pressure situations. Last season, Mills played his best ball when there was little to no pressure to win.

The start of this season when the pressure was higher, he was one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the league. Some guys thrive when the pressure is high. Maybe Mills is the opposite.

There is still a lot of ball left to play and time for Mills to improve, but these are some things worth paying attention to.

A much-needed reminder

Davis Mills can fail to do what many had hoped he would do this season and still be considered a successful selection.

Mills is being evaluated as a potential long-term answer at quarterback, but he was also a third-round pick.

Just the fact we are even having these discussions is impressive. Kellen Mond was selected before him and has already been cut.

Even if Mills ends up being a quality backup in the NFL, that’s a solid third-round selection. Hell, even if Mills doesn’t pan out it was worth a roll of the dice.

If not Mills, then who?

I am a Bryce Young guy.

His size doesn’t concern me because I think he has the Kyler Murray ability to avoid the big hit and the pedigree is unmatched.

From a football POV, I’m a Young guy. The marketing and PR angle would take things to an even higher-level.

The Texans don’t currently have a nationally recognized face of the franchise. In Young, they’d inherit one of the best athlete commercials going right now and a star that would excite the fanbase.

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