Texans center Justin Britt revels in first regular season game since 2019: 'I missed it'


Justin Britt walked into his home somewhat gingerly Sunday night after what he describes as a bar fight.

The Texans' center had indeed been shoved in the face, but it was during his first NFL game back from a serious knee injury that cut his 2019 season short, while he spent 2020 as a free agent.

Britt's wife Alicia asked if he was in pain, and he admitted to it. It's a feeling Britt embraces, as wild as it sounds, being sore the next morning to the point he's barely able to get out of bed.

"I had the time of my life, honestly," Britt said. "That was probably the most fun I've had playing a football game in a while. It was like two years of pent up aggression, just being at home, having to watch the game and not being on a team. Just to get out there and to be able to hit. ... I embrace this. I love this feeling."

In the fourth quarter, with the Texans whooping on the Jaguars 37-14, Britt was involved in a scuffle with Jaguars players after a play.

It resulted in three off-setting penalties on Britt, Jacksonville defensive end Adam Gotsis and linebacker Myles Jack.

This was right up Britt's alley, playing into the hands of someone longing for violent content he's been missing.

"They were saying some not nice things and I was just laughing at them because on film there was like seven or eight guys head-butting me, pushing me," Britt said Monday. "I knew that I won the day. At that point, I knew they were tired of playing us. That was just kind of how my day went. That was my goal, kind of, in a sick way. I don't know, it felt right.

"And I don't know why they threw a flag on me. I didn't do anything. I was just laughing. I was just having fun. They were the ones that were out of control."