Locker: Davis Mills deserves to be benched


The Texans fell to 1-8-1 after Sunday's loss to the Washington Commanders. The final score was 23-10, but the game wasn't even that close.

It's fifth straight Houston's dropped, as it maintains the NFL's worst record. Here are some observations from the game.

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1. Shout out to all the LoopHoles and 610 listeners who transferred their tickets to me so I could transfer them to people wanting to attend the game. I understand not wanting to see this team in person, but attending a live sporting event means a lot to some who don’t have the luxury.

2. With that said … Man, the environment was as dismal as I’ve seen in the lots. This team needs a face of the franchise and star, preferably a QB, in the worst way.

3. Jalen Pitre dropping that gift from Taylor Heinicke on the Washington opening drive was rough. Doesn’t get much easier than that, but no harm, no foul with the Texans forcing a punt, I guess …

4. Brandin Cooks probably could have run a tighter route on the Davis Mills pick-six. Forgive me if I’m wrong, maybe I’m over-watching the give-a damn level of Cooks.

5. Davis Mills is bad. He deserves to be benched. He deserves the majority of the blame on the first interception.

6. The boo birds were out less than five minutes into the game at NRG.

7. The first quarter will likely be the worst quarter of film Kenyon Green puts out this season.

8. The first half of this ballgame was the toughest watch that I’ve had to endure in a long time.

9. The second quarter didn’t start much better for Green as it was one of the worst halves of football you’ll ever see. It was tough to observe.

10. The first half of football as a whole was the worst I’ve watched in my time covering this team.

11. Dameon Pierce got power bombed by John and although it wasn’t the smartest play it was extremely impressive.

12. It also didn’t have any consequence because the Texans settled for a field goal anyways.

13. This game felt a lot like the Jacksonville season-opener in 2017.

14. The good news is that the dream for the first pick lives on!

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