NFL meets with Deshaun Watson in Houston as part of sexual misconduct investigation

(92.3 The Fan) – NFL officials met with Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson in Houston on Monday as their investigation into alleged sexual misconduct against Watson continues.

Josina Anderson of CBS Sports first reported the meeting.

Anderson also reported that Watson will travel to the Bahamas with offensive teammates at the end of the week for a “team-building and football chemistry” trip that will also include workouts.

Watson could face discipline, including a suspension, under the terms of the player conduct policy as a result of the allegations should the league determine that Watson violated it.

This matters for Texans fans because the Browns' first-round draft picks for the next two years belong to Houston, which traded the quarterback in March. How much Watson plays presumably impacts the positioning of Texans' picks acquired in the trade.

Watson is currently accused in 22 civil lawsuits filed in Harris County of sexual misconduct during massage therapy appointments between 2020-2021.

Watson has denied any wrongdoing and maintained that any contact with the therapists was consensual. Watson has admitted that he sought most of the therapists out by using his social media accounts and the direct messaging features.

Watson was deposed on Friday in two more of the cases. The deposition and the discovery pretrial phase is expected to conclude in early July, however both Watson’s attorney’s and those of the 22 plaintiffs agreed not to hold any trials between August 1, 2022 through March 1, 2023 to allow Watson to focus on the upcoming football season.