Locker: Questions heading into finalizing of Texans' 53-man roster


Between now and the end of the month, the Texans have to chop their roster down from 80 to 53 players.

With that in mind, here are the burning questions as the Texans work to finalize their opening day roster.

1. Will Nick Caserio just take the hit he endured with David Johnson and move on?

I don’t know what the vision is with him. Maybe they can get something for him, but I wonder if Caserio's just willing to take the hit.

What a silly trade that was by King Bill. Taking back that contract was malpractice.

Bill O’Brien should never be allowed to work in football again and Nick Saban should be ashamed of himself for employing him.

2. If they truly feel that Shaq Lawson isn’t worthy of being on the two-deep then will the mistake just be admitted months after trading for him and you move on?

Could he still contribute? Maybe, but playing as late in preseason games as he has is alarming. Moving on would be costly, but sometimes a GM has to admit his mistake and not prolong tenures of guys who can’t play because of personal ego.

3. What will the numbers look like at TE?

Pharaoh Brown, Jordan Akins and rookie Brevin Jordan are locks to make the 53. Could they keep Antony Auclair since he can line up at FB? How many receivers?

4. Assuming Andre Roberts is going to make the team, then who is out at WR?

Chris Moore?

5. How many guys will be on the opening day roster that aren’t currently on the team? I think this is the most interesting question.

The Texans are high up on the waiver list and there will be a lot of opportunity to add talent, not just next week, but all season. It’s a year-long process for Caserio.

His goal needs to be to add and develop as many guys as possible this season who will be around from 2022 and beyond, aka chess pieces.

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