Texans’ Romeo Crennel wanted to put game out of reach with 2-point conversion


HOUSTON (SportsRadio 610) -- Romeo Crennel’s decision to go for two points in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s loss against the Titans is being met with immediate controversy.

The Texans were already up by one point and extended the lead to 36-29 with a short touchdown pass to Brandin Cooks on 4th and goal.

Crennel said he went for the two-point conversion to put the game away, but unfortunately for the Texans, the pass to Randall Cobb fell incomplete.

The Titans, with just 1:50 to go, then marched down the field for their touchdown drive to tie the game.

They scored on a pass to A.J. Brown in the back corner of the end zone, barely getting his feet inbounds. The call was upheld on review.

Then Tennessee received the ball in overtime and promptly marched down the field for a Derrick Henry touchdown run near the goal line from a direct snap.

Had the Texans kicked the point after attempt, they would have taken an eight-point lead with less than two minutes left to play. It would’ve forced the Titans to score a touchdown and convert a two-point conversion of their own.

If the Texans convert, they’re up nine points and the game is out of reach for the Titans.

“I wanted to go ahead and get the two points. It felt like that would kind of put it out of reach for them,” Crennel said after the game. “If we had gotten it, we would’ve been in much better shape. As it turned out, we didn’t get it.”

CBS analyst Rich Gannon notably disagreed with the call, but the Texans players have shown appreciation for Crennel’s aggressive decision-making.

Safety Justin Reid said he didn’t feel bad about the decision, because they wanted to get the game.

“I support that aggressiveness,” Reid said. “Had we converted on that two-point conversion, this would be a totally different conversation. So it is what it is.”

With the loss, the Texans fall to 1-5. The Titans improve to 5-0 with the win.