Tony Buzbee appears to take shot at Deshaun Watson while on honeymoon

(SportsRadio 610) -- The attorney representing 22 women suing Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has not said much publicly about the case recently.

Tony Buzbee, a prominent Houston attorney hired by the women accusing Watson of sexual harassment and assault, has been vacationing on his honeymoon in Greece.

Buzbee took a moment to criticize Watson without mentioning the quarterback by name.

"I’m not a big spa guy, and I abhore (sic) someone I don’t know touching me; but I had been at the beach, and had some time to kill while Frances had her spa time," Buzbee posted to Instagram. "(She loves spa time.) So, at her urging, I had what they call the “grounding” massage here at Amanzoe, for 90 minutes. It was actually nice and relaxing—I fell asleep. But note, it was professional; I made no weird demands, I didn’t grind around on the table, I never fully disrobed, and I never acted like an entitled, horny, teenage boy. I’m also quite sure Tina, the massage professional, didn’t feel threatened, degraded, or uncomfortable in anyway. Massage therapy is a legit profession made up of trained professionals trying to earn an honest living. That’s how it should be."

Meanwhile, it is unclear how close the civil cases are to a resolution; whether the league will punish Watson in anyway; or when the Texans might trade him.

Watson is reportedly preparing to play this season, though he has no intentions of playing for the Texans.

Training camp in Houston begins July 28.